photo of andrew pye
Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Job Title

Systems Engineer


Lockheed Martin


Fort Worth, TX

Why did you decide to pursue a COE degree at UT Austin?

Started out in engineering mechanics courses and realized the great power of the computational world and mindset. This led me to pursue my degree in computational engineering at UT Austin.

Describe your current position.

I am on the verification and validation team (V&V) for the F-35, where we develop and analyze simulations to compare with real flight data.

Were you involved in any fellowships or internships?

I completed a two-year internship at Applied Research Labs in Austin just before graduating. I learned new applications for my programming abilities, including user interface development and machine learning.

Do you recommend any particular focus for students other than academics to improve themselves as potential candidates for jobs?

Work on your hard skills. Learn new programming languages and how to apply them.

Who was your most influential ASE, COE or EM professor?

Chad Landis. Incredible man. His class on computational structural analysis makes anything seem possible with the right guidance.

What is one piece of advice you have for current students?

Enjoy college while you are there! It can sometimes feel like you have to grind-grind-grind to get ahead, but trust in the Lord and opportunities will present themselves when you are in need.