Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics are able to use a variety of rooms and spaces in the ASE building. Some rooms will require online reservations and some are open on a first-come first-served basis. See below for details.

ASE Meeting Spaces

ASE Meeting Spaces include the Department Conference Room, Team Meeting Rooms, Focus Rooms, and Huddle Rooms. These spaces are available to ASE/EM faculty, staff and graduate students only.

  • Department Conference Room (ASE 2.202), Capacity 39 
    Requires online reservation request 24 hours in advance and department approval
  • Team Meeting Rooms (ASE 3.204, 4.202, 5.206), Capacity 10
  • Focus Rooms (ASE 4.218, ASE 4.236), Capacity 5
  • Huddle Room (ASE 3.236), Capacity 5
    Team, Focus and Huddle Rooms can be reserved online without prior department approval.
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ASE Computer Lab (ASE 1.112A), Capacity 44
Department Classroom (ASE 2.134), Capacity 30 

These rooms are available to ASE/EM faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students.
Both rooms require online reservation request 24 hours in advance and department approval.

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ASE Undergraduate Conference Room (ASE 1.112C), Capacity 12

This room is available to ASE/EM undergraduate students only.
Reserve online without prior department approval.

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ASE McKnight Student Center/Plaza

ASE/EM students, faculty and staff may request to reserve the ASE McKnight Student Center (1st Floor Lobby) for after hours departmental/student organization events by emailing ase-rooms@austin.utexas.edu.

See a complete listing of room descriptions, including furniture and equipment.

ASE Building Rooms, Reservation Policies and General Guidelines

Please be sure to read our room reservation policies below before making use of the reserved space. The person requesting a conference or classroom in ASE will be responsible for ensuring that these policies are adhered to. Failure to do so may hinder future reservation requests.

Refreshments will not be provided, but you may bring your own. If you do choose to bring refreshments into the Department Conference Room, please set them up on the tables located in the back of the room. Do NOT place hot food or serving dishes onto any conference room tables, and please clean the tables and chairs after use.

The requester should make sure that all tables, chairs and equipment are clean (please wipe down dirty tables, chairs, etc.) and returned back to their original locations to prepare for the next conference. Please leave window blinds open, turn off lights, close and lock the door immediately after the event. Ability to reserve/request a room may be revoked if rooms are left unclean after use.

Should damage occur to any equipment or furniture in the reserved room that requires repair, the person who requested the room during the time the damage occurred will be charged for the cost of the repair.

Please send an email to ase-rooms@austin.utexas.edu with any cancellations or changes as soon as possible via email or at (512) 471-7593. Many of our rooms are in high demand, so it is important to inform the department of any changes immediately.

For questions about room reservations or policies, or if you are unable to access a reserved space, send an email to ase-rooms@austin.utexas.edu and include the following information:

  • Room Number
  • Date
  • Start and End Time
  • Name of Requestor 
  • Email Address of Requestor