photo of faculty member with student in computational visualization lab

The University of Texas at Austin now offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Computational Engineering (COE) and Master of Science degree in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) in 5 years total.

The integrated program is a natural and advanced continuation of the computational engineering undergraduate program and provides students with a well-rounded education, enabling them to not only understand the fundamental science of computation, but how computation is used to tackle challenging problems.

The CSEM Master's Program, offered through the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, is highly interdisciplinary and consists of three concentration areas: Area A — applicable mathematics; Area B — numerical analysis and scientific computation; and Area C — mathematical modeling and applications.

Graduates of the B.S. COE/M.S. CSEM integrated program will be prepared to become leaders in computational science, engineering and mathematics in both academia and industry. Students will complete coursework and have opportunities to engage in research culminating in a master’s report or thesis.

The program will expose talented undergraduates to current advances in the dynamic fields of computational modeling and simulation, scientific computation, applied mathematics, data science, machine learning, and computational science. Students will be exposed to interdisciplinary problems in science and engineering and will have opportunities to develop communication skills necessary for all graduate students.