group of women students in ASE McKnight Student Center


Students design, build and fly remote controlled aircraft in AIAA's annual international competition. 

Longhorn Rocketry Association (LRA)

The Longhorn Rocketry Association is a student-run amateur rocketry group at The University of Texas at Austin. The team's mission is to enhance undergraduate education by applying classroom knowledge to design, build, and launch their own rockets.

UAV Austin

The UT Austin Unmanned Aerial Vehicles team designs and builds unmanned aircraft systems that can fly autonomously. The team has been recognized for their work in an annual competition hosted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

Women in Aerospace for Leadership and Development (WIALD)

The Women in Aerospace for Leadership and Development seeks to provide confidence and support that will empower all women in the aerospace field of study to successes at any hands-on endeavor.

Texas Aerial Robotics (TAR)

Texas Aerial Robotics was established with the purpose of competing in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC), a highly sophisticated competition requiring teams to learn and apply skills such as computer vision, computational simulation, parallel computing, controls, design, fabrication and corporate interaction.

Texas Rocket Engineering Lab (TREL)

The Texas Rocket Engineering Lab is a student-driven research group aiming to become the first student group to launch a rocket to the edge of space.

Texas Spacecraft Laboratory (TSL)

In the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory (TSL), undergraduate and graduate students work together to design, fabricate, test, and operate space-based tools. The TSL has traditionally focused on the creation of small satellites, and has seen missions like FASTRAC, Bevo-1, and Bevo-2 launched into Earth orbit.